Ice Dyed Table Napkins

Made by Dyeing Magic

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Impress your guests with these striking napkins. Break the “ice” by explaining how they are made (see my profile)!

These napkins are made using 2 dyes, turquoise and avocado

As they are square and made of crisp medium weight cotton, they lend themselves well to origami folding, creating an even bigger wow factor for your dining table.  Not mentioning their planet friendly factor as they can be washed over and over again. They will last for years without fading. Never buy throw away napkins in their plastic wrapping again.

100% cotton

Apr. 44cm square

Warm machine wash, hot iron.

All napkins are pre-washed and pre-shrunk. However, there may still be some dye residue “on the loose” so I recommend washing separately for the first few washes. After that the colours will be fast and permanent.

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