'Gum Tree Whisperers' (Tasmanian pygmy possum) - Art Print

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Tittle of the Artwork: 'Gum Tree Whisperers' - Tasmanian pygmy possum (Cercartetus lepidus) - Copyright 2023

In the heart of the ancient Tasmanian forest, a secretive community known as the "Gum Tree Whisperers" exists. These tiny, elusive creatures, the Tasmanian Pygmy Possums, are renowned for their hushed yet vital role in the ecosystem. As night falls and the moon bathes the forest in a soft silver glow, the Gum Tree Whisperers emerge from their cozy tree hollows. With nimble fingers, they delicately dance from blossom to blossom, silently pollinating the fragrant gum trees that tower above them. Their stealthy nocturnal work ensures the continued flourishing of the forest, and their whispered tales are passed down through generations, a testament to the profound impact even the quietest of creatures can have on their world.

From Original Pen & Ink Artwork by Frederic Moschberger.

Visit my Instagram Account: www.instagram.com/inkstreamart (look for the timelapse videos in my posts).

The original artwork was all done by ink stippling, or dotwork, and Lines drawing.

Archival Giclée Prints on Chromajet Photo/Fine Art Matt 230gsm.

Signed & Dated by the Artist.

Small & Large shipped flat in tough mailing envelope, A2 XLarge Lim.Ed. shipped in mail tube.

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