Assorted Dog/Pet Plaques - Laser Crafted

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Crafted from MDF plaque blanks, these individually laser crafted plaques would make a unique gift for a dog lover you know or for yourself.

The quotes plus some images are directly laser engraved into the plaques while some of the embellishments are laser cut from plywood and added to the plaque before coating with gloss varnish to seal and give it a luxurious finish.

The oval & circular plaques have a triangular hanger added to the back for ease of displaying on a wall or door but could just as easily be displayed in a plate stand on a cupboard or shelf!
Ovals are 19.5cms x 15.5cms & circles have a diameter of 19.5cms.

The square & rectangular plaques have a length of chain for wall display.
Squares are 18.5cms x 18.5cms. Rectangles are 14cms x 20cms.

NB "Love is a four-legged word" has a minor fault and is marked at a discounted price for this reason!!

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