Cuticle and Nail oil serum

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15ml glass dropper bottle or 3ml twist brush pen 

You look after the skin on your face daily, your hands seriously do so much and they often get neglected. So add it to the skin care routine!

Here’s why 👇

Nourishing - The hardened skin around your nails (cuticles) is there to protect against bacteria and infection. When they are dry and brittle, they are at risk of splitting or being picked at which can very easily cause pain, discomfort and inflammation around your nail. And it looks bad too. 🤌

Repairing - Your hands are exposed to free radicals They work hard for you in everything that you do. Our cuticle oil has antioxidants to prevent and reverse this damage 👊

Healthy growth - by massaging around your cuticles and nails with our hydrating serum you are stimulating new cell growth. Resulting in heathy, strong nails 🌻 We use only natural ingredients, it is even good for skin on your whole body including your face! 😌

If you want to improve the look, feel and Heath of your nails, start with cuticle oil DAY and NIGHT 🫶

jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil, vitamin E, lavender essential oil

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