Waldorf Inspired Doll, 8inch, Pale skinned, Knitted outfit, Natural materials

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Waldorf Inspired Fabric Doll, 7.5 to 8inch, All Natural materials, Soft body.

Introducing the second delightful doll in my ‘Pear Drop’ range! These sweet dolls are designed to have minimum attachments to ensure they are safe for little ones. The recommended age range for this doll is 4yrs and up. I have included a photo to show the sizing against my 6 year old granddaughter, perfect for little hands to hold and play with. 🥰

The light skinned doll pictured in the individual photos is the exact one you will receive. Undressed it is 19cm / 7.5” from the top of the head to the toes; dressed in the green tweed sleeper outfit with teddy bear ears it measures 22cm / 8.5”.This handcrafted doll has been lovingly created from pale caucasian high quality tricot, double-knit medium stretch 100% cotton interlock, made in Europe.

It is stuffed with clean pure sheep’s wool which has been processed in Australia. The hair is crocheted from mohair yarn and the face embroidered with DMC cotton thread. Gentle colouring has been added to the face and cheeks using a beeswax crayon and/or watercolour pencils. Each PearDrop doll has a pure wool needle-felted head which was created over many hours of shaping and ‘sculpting’. Needle-felting creates a firm head (just like ours 😊) that will keep its shape well over time.

The body and arms are stuffed with clean wool which leaves them feeling soft and cuddly. The doll comes with a belly button but no other detail on the body to allow the new owner to decide on the gender if they wish. This sweet doll comes with a pair of underpants and a teddy sleeper, both hand-knitted by myself from pure wool yarn sourced within Australia. There are 2 press-studs on the sleeper, firmly sewn in place with multiple stitches to keep them attached.

* GENTLE HANDWASH ONLY * If you need to wash this doll please choose a warm sunny day to do so, as sheep’s wool retains moisture for quite some time. 🐑 Gently handwash in warm water using pure soap, rinse thoroughly and carefully squeeze out the excess moisture using a towel. Try not to rub the dolls skin or hair excessively to keep it in peak condition. Lie the doll flat on a towel in the sun, gently squeezing out any excess moisture that gathers as it dries, and turning as needed to ensure it dries all the way through. ☀️

If you wish to redo the cheek/body colouring a beeswax crayon or watercolour pencil works best. Rub the crayon onto a piece of cloth and gently apply to the cheeks in a circular motion. If using a watercolour pencil lay the tip on its side and again gently apply in a circular motion.

If you have any questions about this PearDrop doll please don’t hesitate to send me an email; or message me via Facebook or Instagram. You are invited to come join my pages if you are interested in seeing what I am creating next. 😃 💕

📫 My dolls are thoughtfully packaged and boxed, then sent via Australia Post with tracking. Although I will post your order as soon as possible once your payment clears, I cannot control the time it takes for Australia Post to deliver. As such I cannot guarantee a delivery time or date even if it is sent Express. 📬

Thank you for supporting Aussie handmade! 😊 🌸

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