Beaded necklace. Extra long. Tyvek paper beads.

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Necklace. Beaded necklace. Handmade paper bead with Tyvek beads and little silver beads.

The paper beads are 2.50cm long and the Tyvek beads 2.00cm long with 6.00mm silver beads.
The necklace is completed with a .935 silver hook.

These are handmade beads so all are slight different, no mass production here.
The Tyvek is rolled like a paper bead and then heat is added and this is where the the magic happens, they become textured lacy and firm.

What is Tyvek ? It feels like paper, and is used to make wrist bands for night clubs and music events, overalls and other industrial uses.When you add heat the magic happens and they go firm and lacy, no two beads are the same, and have an interesting texture.
They are very bright blue with a touch of green, white and silver.
At over a 1.00m long this is a very versatile necklace, wear it long or short.

Delicate, versatile, elegant, and lightweight. Ideals for wearing over a jumper or that little black dress.
Thank you for visiting Eryka Garbutt Designs.Please check the other item in my store.I have a passion for recycling and using hand made paper to create something as individual as you.

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