14K Gold Filled Necklace Teardrop Chain Handcrafted

Made by Bent Wires

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Elegant and delicate, this handcrafted decorative chain is made from 14Kt gold filled wire. The chain is fully handcrafted. Each link is individually worked into the teardrop link shape and then threaded together.The necklace is finished off with a work hardened handcrafted S-shaped clasp and gold filled jump ring to securely fasten the chain. If you are looking for a special gift for a special someone this will definitely fit the bill.

Product description
  • Materials: 14K gold-filled 22 gauge wire
  • Chain length: 50 cm

Gold-filled wire has a thick layer of 14Kt gold mechanically bonded to jewellers' brass. The gold layer is much thicker than plating (a minimum of 10 times thicker with a minimum of 5% by weight of 14K gold) This means that the gold layer wont scratch off with gentle wear.

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