Thank you so much for being part of the very first Madeit Masterclass!

Here is the replay for you to watch again at your leisure 😊 The first video has the complete recording including the introduction talking more about approaching digital and the end with questions.

It turns out that my attempt to switch to just be camera on me didn't work so I have used an overlay on the first section and last section of speaking, thank you for your understanding!

The second video is purely when we were navigating through Canva.

Hot Tips for watching back

As this video is in Youtube you can do the following;

  • Change the playback settings to either speed up through the bits you know or slow down through the parts that are new
  • Click on the CC to show the captions - these are automated, so get ready for a few interesting translations!

Thank you for being so open to learning, this is just the beginning and you are on your way to a very sparkly creative future ⭐️

Video 1: The full length

Video 2: Shortened

If you need any assistance with these, please email

Forever Learning, Team Madeit 🚀