Unsuccessful Application

Thank you for taking the time to join our waitlist and go through our application process.

Unfortunately it looks like you have not qualified at this stage to sell on the Madeit platform.


Please read through the items below that we are not currently accepting and see what products we are looking for here.


We are not currently accepting

If your products do not meet the Madeit Quality Benchmarks you will not be approved to sell on the Madeit platform.

We are only accepting stores & products that meet our vision and direction for Madeit as a curated marketplace for artists & crafters.

Products that are not quite yet at the Madeit Quality Standard will not be accepted.

This may be due to poor craftsmanship or poor quality imagery.

Items that are processed through a third party as drop ship delivery is not currently being accepted.

As per the new quality benchmarks we are not accepting any products that use logos, trademarks or licensed characters.

Any mass produced items (not made by you) that are being personalised with pre-existing fonts or images (eg from Photoshop or Canva).

Please review our Handmade vs Hand Assembled Guideline.

We are currently not accepting books, dolls or dolls clothes on the platform.

Please note that we are accepting softie-style dolls.

We are currently not accepting handmade hygiene or sanitary products.

As per terms and conditions creations that are printed or made using third part production must be limited to less than 50 items maximum.

Madeit has switched to be a handmade site exclusively. This means that we are no longer accepting internationally soucred craft supplies that are being re-sold.

Artists & crafters under 18 are invited to apply once they are over 18 years of age.

All digital products must be original and created by you


Just like you, we are evolving and some of the categories that are currently on the platform are being changed.

For Sellers who were already selling on the platform we have given them additional time to update/refine/remove their product offering.

We are monitoring all items on the platform. With over 25,000 products on the platform this is a HUGE task so may take time for all items to be in alignment.


We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to refine your offering to be in alignment with the new quality benchmarks.

This may be the time for you to dive deeper into your craft and start pushing your creative artistry skills.

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