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Piece Love Stitch

Unique decorative homewares - Tea Cosies, Bunting, Cushions, plus Crochet or cotton Bags, Glasses cases, crochet washcloths

14 items

Noodles Crochet

Hi, Welcome to Noodles Crochet. I love to make cute, whimsical creations for the young and young at heart. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact me for a custom creation

38 items

Crystal Forest Gem Trees

I make gemstone trees that resemble bonsai. Ready Made and Custom option. Also handmade gemstone stretchy bracelets. I also have hand carved Opal! It's a real Crystal Forest here

35 items

the little card boutique

Long time makers of Handmade paper goods and laser cut gifts, including a collection of Handmade greeting cards, souvenirs, bookmarks, books, prints and keyrings made from paper, wood and bamboo. Designed and Handmade in Australia

209 items