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Dave's Place

Hi and welcome to the Tapestry and Weaving Tool Shop where I take pride in producing heirloom quality spindles, bobbins, shuttles and various other tools that combine both beauty and function.

43 items

Toys of Wood

My passion is to create natural educational wooden toys that inspire a child’s imagination. Entertaining interaction allows a child’s natural creativity to flourish. Crafted from natural, sustainable materials with focus on quality & ergonomics.

50 items

Stacey Handmade Cards

hello... welcome and thank you for looking at my creations - cards, tags, cake topper, invitations, personalised name frame. Each creations are made by ME, based in Melbourne. Stacey xo

129 items


Exclusive Wall Art Prints (posted) & exclusive printables (for downloading). You do not need to register to make a payment.

7 items

Crafty Weasel

Based in Perth, WA I love all things lasercut in wood and acrylic. My passion is creating unique and different lightboxes to enhance any room in your home, or to give your business a little extra shine on market stall & shop shelves.

25 items