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Store Search Results

McArthurs Jewellers

We are “Trades Qualified” manufacturing jewellers of some 38 years' experience. Award winning jewellers, we pride ourselves on quality, original, handmade jewellery and unique one off designs.

32 items

The Sprinkle Studio

Creating personalised celebration stationery and paper party decor for all your special events, plus vinyl home organisation labels and many more pretties!

37 items

Leversha Design

Leversha Design is created by Jacinta. Each piece of Leversha Design is hand formed to create unique naturally organic forms, which are then painted each by hand. Her ceramics featured in her own unique designs. Making each piece individual.

88 items

Zaetara Spa

Love Your Skin. Love Your Earth. Treat yourself to our lovingly handmade Soaps, Massage and Cleansing Oils, Shampoo Bars, Conditioner Bars, Bath Salts, Bath Bombs and more!

26 items