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Wire crochet jewellery is made with the Peruvian stitch which is the weave of rings that are linked together, generating a soft, compact and a beauty that a machine could not make, only achieved with craft hands and dedication.

4 items

Lara Girgis Art

Lara Girgis is an emerging Melbourne based artist working in multiple mediums. This is a place to buy her art.

1 items


Beautiful, sustainable wood earrings make beautiful gift ideas. Big acrylic earrings are fun and quirky for everyday wear and events. Free shipping Australia wide on all orders, no minimum spend.

26 items

Broken By Design

Unique, handcrafted china plate jewellery. Once buried, now brought to life, adventure and beauty are yours to cherish. CURRENTLY ON HOLIDAY UNTIL JAN 14. ORDERS WILL BE POSTED THEN.

90 items

Wunsch Studios

Wunsch Studios is where you will find a range of items of impeccable quality and made to last. Where possible we reclaim and upcycle - breathing new life into timber, fabric or paper.

11 items