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Rain Sticks by Sonny

I handcraft each rain stick with great care with customised options including the addition of crystals into the ends. Made from the flower stalk of the Agave plant, rain sticks can be used during sound healing sessions or as a special gift.

1 items

Marianne's Bespoke

Every so often I create something I want to send off into the world. These items are generally made from up-cycled, recycled or salvaged materials although I may have used some new materials to complete the item. They are a bit mad, like me!

4 items

Handmaiden Natural Skincare

Handcrafted effective skincare, made fresh to order, using natural ingredients including botanical oils, pure essential oils and powerful extracts. Glowing skin can be yours.

24 items

SN Creations

I use polymer clay and resin to create my pieces, there is a huge variety of different colours and textures . They are all handmade with love and no two sets are exactly the same.

49 items

Little Miss Pretty Designs

We hand make one of a kind children's clothing using designer fabrics. All items are made to the highest quality.

4 items


Born from a love of creating beautiful things for friends and family, betina-RAHH emerged! Firstly it was a creative outlet, but then spawned into more than a hobby and founder, Betina wanted to be able to share her creations with everyone!

26 items