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Cleo’s Cottage Handmade

💚♻️ Beautiful, Lovingly handcrafted, one of a kind. ♻️💚 Clothing, play things and homewares made from reclaimed and sustainable materials. Add a touch of whimsical magic to your life without costing the earth.

26 items

Mandala Essence

She has been painting for about 7 years and started experimenting with dot painting about 2 years ago. She finds the repetitive process of the dots to be calming and see it as a form of meditation.

1 items


Handmade, eco-friendly and classy baby and toddler dresses sewn using only reclaimed and upcycled materials.

42 items

Herman Design

Richmond based designer-maker specialises in creating custom portrait illustrations of people, pets, flora & fauna and a variety of objects. Find various personalised gift items to be adorned with your custom illustration.

34 items