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Colourful intricate designs of glass beaded hangers to brighten your windows, wall or outdoor setting. Handmade by Angeline and Greeting Cards for charity handmade by my sister Elly.

36 items

Singing Nightjar's Crafts

Welcome to Singing Nightjar's Crafts, a wonderful store full of needle felted goodness! Each item is diligently handcrafted from 100% Australian wool. I hope you enjoy my shop and find something soft and colourful to bring home.

41 items

Silver Embers

Fine silver jewellery, inspired by nature and crafted by hand in the beautiful hills of Gippsland. Each piece is totally unique and each series of work is limited to ensure exclusivity.

22 items

Dragon's Blood Creations

At Dragon's Blood Creations, we specialise in Cloaks made of Wool and Velvet, off the rack and custom made steel boned Victorian Corsets and Accessories. All made here in Adelaide.

49 items

Eddie's Art

Pieces created by Edward Raubenheimer. This page is for the development of Edwards artwork into a self-directed micro business where all proceeds will go into furthering Ed's art supplies and creative space at home.

21 items


Hi all my work is original, special, and handmade by me in my home studio. I'm a professional artist who has been designing and selling art for over 30 years, hope you find something you love!

6 items


I make soap flower arrangements from pour and melt soap base. They last long and have nice smell. If looking for a present or home décor, this is perfect, unique gift .

17 items