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Little Book Earrings

Like books? Wear 'em! I hand craft tiny little books and turn them into earrings and brooches. Real books with pages and everything

3 items

the little card boutique

Long time makers of Handmade paper goods and laser cut gifts, including a collection of Handmade greeting cards, souvenirs, bookmarks, books, prints and keyrings made from paper, wood and bamboo. Designed and Handmade in Australia

392 items


Welcome to BeCreates. I am Bec the owner & maker behind Becreates. I create everyday cozy, stylish, sustainable and modern crochet and knit handmade pieces

28 items

lumi wilde

Beautiful cotton crochet things, and granny square blankets made for your tiny ‘old soul’ 💜❤️💚 Made in Brisbane with free drop-off delivery in Brissy

10 items

Hand Embroidery by Barbara

Here you'll find a range of hand embroidered mini mitts. They're perfect for using with your microwave or air fryer. In fact, you can use them any time you need an oven cloth or mitt. They're compact and easy to keep close at hand

14 items

Little Drops Jewellery

Bo-ho vibes, hippy chick, vibes, rockabilly and geek girl vibes. Whimsy vibes, woodlands vibes, disco queen and princess vibes! No matter what your vibe, find something to suit your mood here

22 items