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Store Search Results

Art By Nicole Barros

Introducing a collection of my original watercolour paintings, drawings and prints. I do take commissions. I am a full-time Artist, I have been painting for 29 years and currently teaching watercolours and drawing.

37 items
  • Flamingo, Print, 8' x 10" Watercolour, Flamingo Watercolour painting
  • Lorikeet, Print, 8" x 10" Watercolour, Australian Birds
  • Pelicans, PRINT, Watercolour Painting -  8"x 10" Ocean, Beach
  • Domestic Cat, Coloured Drawing, PRINT 8"x 10" Art
  • Blue Wrens, Print, 8' x 10" Coloured Pencil, Australian Birds,
  • Budgies, Print, 8' x 10" Coloured Pencil, Australian Birds, Budgerigars
  • Kookaburra, Print, 8' x 10" Coloured Pencil, Australian Birds,
  • Chevy, Chevrolet, Vintage Cars, Watercolour Painting, PRINT ,10"x8"
  • Puffin Bird, Animal, wildlife - PRINT, Watercolour Painting 8"x10"

Infinity 8eaded Designs

Hi Thank you for stopping by and having a look :) All the jewellery is handmade by myself. You'll find all sorts of wonderful jewellery in my store, something for yourself or a present of someone else. All items can be custom made.

107 items
  • Kumihimo Beaded Bracelet
  • Green And Yellow Butterfly Beaded Earrings
  • Bronze Beaded Bracelet and Earring Set
  • Alice in wonderland Beaded Necklace
  • Yellow Roses Beaded Earrings
  • White Lace Beaded Bracelet
  • Purple Rivoli Beaded Pendant Necklace
  • Stars Glow in the Dark 
Beaded Bracelet
  • Orange Butterfly Beaded Earrings

Ingrid's Haven

Ingrid's Haven is a non-profit cat shelter in Victoria. All the cats and kittens come from death row at the pound, rescued and cared for by Ingrid until new loving homes can be found.

42 items
  • Pewter Cabochon Necklace
  • Kitty Cage Comforter
  • Mary Rowan's Painted Gift Cards
  • Pewter Cabochon Cat Earrings
  • Pewter Cabochon Necklace
  • Cosy Cat Blanket
  • Kitty Cage Comforter
  • Jenny's Cotton Foldup Shopping Bag
  • 2018 Ingrid's Haven Calendar free postage

Top That Cupcake!

We make edible cupcake & cake toppers out of wafer paper & wafer card. The wafer is made out of potato starch, oil & water and edible food colours. Toppers are nut free, dairy free, gluten free. We also offer customized cupcake & cake toppers.

18 items
  • 12x EDIBLE wafer  minecraft cupcake toppers
  • 12x Unicorn Ears Horn  EDIBLE cupcake cake toppers stand up birthday
  • 12x Power Rangers EDIBLE cupcake cake toppers stand up birthday
  • Little Mermaid Edible Wafer Cake Topper Circle Personalized
  • Unicorn Rainbow Invite Invitation Baby Shower Party 1st Girl Birthday 2nd 4th
  • Unicorn and Rainbow Edible Wafer Cake Topper Circle Personalized
  • Circle Unicorn and Rainbows  EDIBLE cupcake cake toppers stand up birthday
  • Gold Unicorn and Rainbow circle EDIBLE cupcake cake toppers stand up birthday
  • Little Mermaid circle EDIBLE cupcake cake toppers stand up birthday

Blue Wren Cottage

Welcome to Blue Wren Cottage, where you will find gorgeous wedding hankies and the cutest baby bibs and more....

123 items
  • Dribble Feeder Bib, Owls on Cotton Fabric, Soft Bamboo Toweling, Snap Fastened.
  • Baby-Feeder Dribble Bib, Personalised - Foxes on Cotton Fabric Bamboo Toweling.
  • Baby Burp Cloth Woodland on Cotton Fabric, Absorbent Soft Bamboo Toweling Backed
  • Baby/Infant Bib - Let's Party, Cute Cotton Flag Fabric, Snap Fastened.
  • Baby/Infant Bib - My First Birthday, Cute Cotton Flag Fabric, Snap Fastened.
  • Dribble Bandanna Baby Bib So Soft, Bamboo Toweling Little Fish on Cotton Fabric
  • Baby Dribble Bib, Bunny Trail Cotton Fabric, Bamboo Toweling, Snap Fastened.
  • Feeder, Dribble Bib Zoo Animals on Cotton Fabric Bamboo Toweling, Snap Fastened.
  • Bib - Dad's Little Mate, Cute Penguin Fabric, Bamboo Toweling, Snap Fastened.

One Spotty Dog

Handmade Wooden Stackers || Wooden Houses || House Cushions || Hand Painted Play Car Mats.

24 items
  • Handmade wooden Heart rainbow PASTEL.  (7 Piece)
  • Handmade Wooden BRIGHT Toadstool House with Rainbow door. (10 Piece)
  • Handmade Wooden Fancy Milkshake. (5 piece)
  • Large handmade wooden rainbow. (7 Piece)
  • Wooden Watermelon Rainbow. (7 Piece)
  • Handmade Wooden Christmas Snowman Stacker (3 piece)
  • Handmade Wooden Cupcake with Cherry and Sprinkles (5 Piece)
  • Handmade Wooden PASTEL Toadstool House with Rainbow Door. (10 Piece)
  • Handmade wooden TeePee WHITE with rainbow door. (8 Piece)

Ruby's Quilts & More

Baby quilts, cot sheets, baby accessories, special occasion bibs, beach bags....one of a kind...luxury, quality

50 items
  • Baby Cot Quilt - Fluffy Jungle - Handmade Baby Patchwork Quilt - Cushion Cover
  • Fitted Cot Sheet - Baby Bedding - Nursery Bedding
  • Baby Quilt - Cot Quilt - Baby Bedding - Nursery Bedding
  • Bandana Bib - Baby Bib - Dribble Bib
  • Beach Bag - Beach Tote -Waterproof Bag - Daschund
  • Baby Cot Quilt - Handmade Baby Quilt - Pram Quilt - Crib Quilt - Patchwork Quilt
  • Baby Blanket - Minky Blanket
  • Beach Bag - Beach Tote - Summer Bag
  • Baby Quilt - Cot Quilt - Baby Shower - Baby Bedding

Annabell Stone

The Annabell Stone collection includes natural slate platters, place settings, coasters and more.

11 items
  • Square Slate Plate
  • Slate Placemats (Set of 4)
  • Slate Cheese Board - Large
  • Slate Coasters (Set of 4)
  • Slate Name Tags x 60
  • Slate Labels x 5
  • Slate Tasting Plate
  • Slate Cheese Platter - Small
  • Slate Name Tags x 12


Possum Valley Animal Sanctuary, Mount Helena, Western Australia.

48 items
  • Wooden pendant necklace (faux leather)
  • Pendant earrings
  • Tree of life pendant earrings
  • Wooden bunny stud earrings
  • Birds nest necklace (faux leather)
  • Wooden bunny stud earrings
  • Blue bead bracelett
  • Silver rescue hound necklace
  • Ladies logo front shirt

Missy Mop Patch

Quality handmade Dolls Clothes for that special little girl (or boy) in your life

22 items
  • Custom order for Ricki
  • Summer Frock - Blue floral with red trim
  • Yellow Princess Gown with Silver Shimmer Overskirt
  • Red check Harajuku Station skirt with matching appliqued tshirt
  • Blue Princess Gown with Silver Shimmer Overskirt
  • Baseball Tshirt with shorts
  • Summer Frock - pink floral
  • Pink Ballroom Gown with Tulle Overskirt
  • Red Princess Gown with Silver Shimmer Overskirt


Lovingly created, designed one of a kind jewellery, lampshades and greeting cards from the little Island of Tasmania Australia. https://au.pinterest.com/susiphillips/pins/

333 items
  • Vintage inspired antique bronze necklace with key watch charm.
  • Gorgeous gold Celtic heart shaped earrings with pink teardrop bead.
  • Attractive male birthday card with a racing car on the front.
  • Unique sterling silver earrings with silver swirl whirls, white and blue beads
  • Whimsical silver angel wings earrings with sky blue beads.
  • Gorgeous detailed bohemian silver chain statement necklace with teardrop beads.
  • Unique silver charm necklace with cobalt blue background, sun and tree.
  • Cute blue and white new baby boy card with elephants, baby bottle and safety pin
  • Silver chain necklace with silver dragon and blue quartz gemstone.

Addicted to Buttons

Making the world a more colourful place - one button at a time! Quirky, Unique, Left of Centre Button Jewellery, Accessories and Home wares!

192 items
  • Resin Keyring - Stripes Buttons - Bag Tag - Luggage Identifier - Rectangle
  • Christmas - Reindeer Rudolph Red Nose - Stud Earrings
  • Orange Two Hole Button - Stud Earrings
  • Powder Blue and Pretty Pink - Button Necklace - Earrings
  • Colourful Crayons - Twisted - Button Fusion Necklace - Jewellery - Earrings
  • Cute White Old School Telephone Paperweight / Ornament Solid Button Filled Resin
  • Button Tree - Buttons - Button Stud Earrings - RED
  • Classic Spots and Stripes - Red Black white- Button Necklace - Earrings
  • Bold Teal - Turquoise with White Spots Button - Stud Earrings

Art by Jazmin

Hi! I am a Brisbane-based artist who loves to paint. Everything here has been made by me. Thanks for stopping by :)

81 items
  • The Temper of the Waves - Acrylic Painting on Canvas
  • Hibiscus Bloom - Original Watercolour Painting
  • The Beach Path - Acrylic Seascape/Landscape Painting on Canvas
  • Leaf 2 - Watercolour Botanical Painting on Paper (Framed)
  • Shoreline 3 - Watercolour/Ink Painting on Paper
  • Island Afternoon - Acrylic Landscape Painting on Canvas
  • Shadows in Still Water 1 - Watercolour Painting on Paper
  • Bird of Paradise - Acrylic Floral Painting on Canvas
  • Springbrook National Park - Oil Landscape Painting on Canvas