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Welcome to JC Sewing and Embroidery. We are your home for sewing and machine embroidery items for you and your family & friends. Our items are perfect for gifting and most can be personalised with individual names for that special unique gift.

29 items

Michelles Ceramics

Handmade Mozzie Coil Holders with built in stand, An Attractive, Safe and Effective way of burning mosquito coils. Handmade in Western Australia

16 items

Mind My Needle

Welcome to my little shop. I make uniquely cute and fun magnetic needle minders for all types of needle work With these gorgeous Needle Minders you will never lose your needle again. Start your collection today

34 items

Orchard Spoons

Wooden spoons, carved by hand at my home on the Mornington Peninsula. My spoons are all finished with a mixture of olive oil and beeswax from my own beehives!

1 items