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Unique shopping bags and other items made using quality new, old, upcycled and recycled materials. Mostly made from linen/cotton they are strong, durable, washable, fit for purpose, one of a kind and, most importantly, better for the environment.

35 items


Always interested in making things by hand, this is where the wares have found a home. From different types of clay to printmaking and photography, you can find it here.

42 items

Kelly Moir designs

Transform your everyday family necessities with Kelly Moir designs handy items today!!! Handmade Children’s school items, nappy clutches, shoulder bags, lunch bags, wet bags , sewing patterns + many more!!

9 items

Ameogem Jewellery

BUY DIRECT from AMEOGEM Jewellery! Our collection includes a wide assortment of handmade beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, crafted with GEMSTONES. The assortment also include silver jewellery.

120 items

Early Childhood Resources

Handmade items for beautiful play opportunities in the home and early childhood environments. Early Learning Resources/Play Food/Finger Puppets/Story telling Props/Small World Imaginative Play/Timber Resources/Games/Crochet/Needle Felting

18 items

Stitched By G

Welcome to Stitched By G. I love to sew practical and fun items for both children and adults.

2 items

Wish Upon A Wing

Wish Upon A Wing is the design studio of Western Australian artist Marion Nelson who specialises in creating exquisite origami artworks. instagram. com/wish_upon_ a_wing facebook.com/WishUponAWing.art

7 items

Stitching Circles

Stitching Circles is beauty made from preloved clothing and scrap fabric, done to minimise waste and help our planet. Due to the nature of the fabrics I use, my pieces are very unique and there will only ever be one or two of that particular textile.

32 items