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My Paper Planet

Welcome to MY PAPER PLANET. A range of unique decorations and party pieces. All original designs for parties & gifts. Designed and handmade in Melbourne

103 items

Wish Upon A Wing

Wish Upon A Wing is the design studio of Western Australian artist Marion Nelson who specialises in creating exquisite origami artworks. instagram. com/wish_upon_ a_wing facebook.com/WishUponAWing.art

28 items


Great quality handmade pieces from the best quality materials I could find. I love Australiana pieces such as Animals, Flowers, Birds you'll see all of these in my shop

5 items


Small Australian Business focused on creating innovative handmade products

2 items

Sage & Twine

We are Bethany and Joel, WE are in love with creating home spaces to enjoy and relax in. We hope you will fall in love with our Fiber Art as much as we have. We hope you can admire it every day and that it can bring you happiness in your own home

6 items

Lucy Linton-Smith Artworks

Lovely and lovingly real hand painted artworks made by me! I love to paint and make beautiful images and artworks. I want you to have a real and one of a kind artwork for your space that brings joy to you

8 items