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My Tiny Explorer

Inspired by my curious and adventurous daughter to create and draw! Selling kids room prints, prints about nature and greetings cards.

12 items

Haru's HoneyBee Creations

I specialize in Custom orders! I take the time to listen to what your vision is for the perfect outfit for your little baby girl or boy and make it a reality.Give a gift that comes straight from the heart that your recipient will cherish forever.

41 items

The Singing Soaper

Soaps to make you sing! Hand made luxurious soaps made with high quality plant based ingredients and Essential Oils. We also make Syndet Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. Plastic-free packaging.

19 items


Thank you for visiting my store. Homemade with love and a little sarcasm,. Trying out Madeit.com for the Australian customers but more items at KimWestArt.etsy.com

24 items