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Benji and Hazel

Handmade children's clothing, nursery blankets & accessories.❤️ Based in Tasmania. Main Website: https://www.benjiandhazel.com/#/ **FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER A$100. Please send me a message for the unique code before checkout.

14 items

Delight Gifts

Our unique gifts and handcrafted greeting cards are made with love and are sure to delight! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out about the latest product releases and special offers!

73 items

Falco Farm

Here at Falco Farm we make goodies from the beeswax collected from our hives on farm by myself and my family

3 items

Adventures of Elliott

We make 100% wool nappy covers from repurposed knits. All covers are prewashed to help reduce accidental shrinkage and create a gentle felting layer to improve water resistance. Covers are not yet lanolised.

34 items

Wheat Wave

There are many different types of Heat Bags on the market. Dare to go NATURAL with our range of Australian WHEAT filled Heat Bags! That's why we call it a WHEAT Bag! Just a couple of minutes in the microwave and you have your own personal warmer!

9 items


Hello and welcome to my store handmadebev hope you enjoy looking around. I live in the Southern Highlands of Sydney. I specialise in babies and children's knitting. All the garments are hand made and made with lots of love.

48 items

Is There A Shadow?

Pretty things to make you smile, using, reusing and repurposing the contents of my craft room and rescued treasures. Crochet, embroidery, paper arts and more.

2 items

K Dee Crafts

My name is Kay and welcome to my store. I started knitting when I was 6 years, having been taught by my mother and grandmother. I have been knitting all my life and have passed this love of knitting onto my two daughters.

59 items