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Welcome to my store of handmade quality products, made from locally sourced materials. I have a love for creating jewellery, I'm in love with the variety of colours clay has to offer, and the flow of Resin.

19 items

Lolly a Dawn Pointon creation

Lolly aprons are not "just an apron", they are individual creative designs, hand made with particular care and attention to detail. Available in a large variety of fabrics and designs for adults and children. Custom orders are always welcome.

47 items

Belle Makes

Accessories and accoutrements handmade in Melbourne using new and up-cycled materials. Shipping Australia wide. Launched in 2019

15 items

XOXO Eco-Mask

Ditch the clinical look and choose your own design face mask. Waste-free, sustainable face masks, completely reusable and washable. XOXO Eco-mask is made of high-quality breathable fabric, with funky designs. 100% Australian handmade.

24 items

Dax Glass Art

Handmade wearable glass art, sculptures and home decor woven from tiny glass beads and/or shaped from flame melted and/or blown glass.

17 items

Julz Em

Personalised embroidered towels, santa sacks & stockings, taggie blankets & baby bunny rugs For baby: Nappy wallets & waterproof change mats For Dolls accessories: Nappy bag sets, sleeping bags & quilt sets.

38 items

Sticks & Stones

Gorgeous and practical homemade clothing for babies and children.

1 items

Merley-Mo Resin

Handmade resin bits and bobs. A hobby I enjoy that I anticipate will take over my spare room - so I thought I'd share the love.

1 items