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Bespoke Wood Creations

We are an “Australian-Owned Business” and our products are “Australian-made”. We create unique, functionally rich wood products, primarily out of passion. Our products range from exotic furniture thru' jewellery boxes to gifts.

4 items

GT Creations

GT Creations offers unique boards and platters using either recycled or sustainably harvested hardwoods. I have added the extra dimension of laser engraving to make them even more unique. I may from time to time also have small wooden toys.

38 items

Mandala Essence

She has been painting for about 7 years and started experimenting with dot painting about 2 years ago. She finds the repetitive process of the dots to be calming and see it as a form of meditation.

16 items

Falco Farm

Here at Falco Farm we make goodies from the beeswax collected from our hives on farm by myself and my family

3 items

My Paper Planet

Welcome to MY PAPER PLANET. A range of unique decorations and party pieces. All original designs for parties & gifts. Designed and handmade in Melbourne!

50 items

Halina Photography

showcase of Helen’s Photography And Design - that can be purchased on a variety of mediums, that is printed and framed in the Yarra Valley, Victoria....

35 items