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Psy Aesthetic

Welcome to Psy Aesthetic! Magical and cute items for everyone!

3 items

The Little Vine

Beautifully handmade polymer clay earrings with a purpose. 50% of profits go towards supporting vulnerable women and children in Australia.

25 items

Spa Delights

Natural and plant based products for a luxurious spa experience, good for your skin, wellbeing and the planet. Personalisation available on pamper packs.

24 items


Steiner/Waldorf dolls including soft, cuddly dolls for babies through to formed limb dolls for older children. I use the best quality fabrics and yarns that I can source and fine quality sheep’s wool for stuffing.

3 items


I love to wear one only pieces which is why I have created this wearable art range. Unique - Individual - Exclusive - Original - Distinctive - Visual and Wearable Art Inspired by the abstract patterns in the environment. A small gift with each order

102 items

Resin by Reene

I make handmade jewellery with certified non-toxic resin, adding inclusions from nature, photographs, glitter, pigments and ink. I use stainless steel findings. Thank you for visiting Resin by Reene.

15 items