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The Sewing Bee Haberdashery

Sewing, fabric and craft supplies, finished products. We use both rescued and new components, tools and fabric

15 items

Little Book Earrings

Like books? Wear 'em! I hand craft tiny little books and turn them into earrings and brooches. Real books with pages and everything

3 items


BeeBaaBoo loves to create! Although mostly known for OOAK children's clothes you will also find handcrafted clothing for adults, home decor, handcrafted cards, toys and other interesting bits & pieces

22 items

Ameogem Jewellery

BUY DIRECT from AMEOGEM Jewellery! Our collection includes a wide assortment of handmade beaded necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, crafted with GEMSTONES. The assortment also include silver jewellery

124 items

Mind Body & Kawakawa

All our products are lovingly created on the Gold Coast, using natural and/or organic ingredients in small batches, therefore there maybe slight variances between products. I lovingly grow and harvest my kawakawa on the Gold Coast

9 items

Piece Love Stitch

Unique decorative homewares - Tea Cosies, Bunting, Cushions, plus Crochet or cotton Bags, Glasses cases, crochet washcloths

11 items