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Addicted to Buttons

Making the world a more colourful place - one button at a time! Quirky, Unique, Left of Centre Button Jewellery, Accessories and Homewares!

442 items

Amanda Skye Art

Self taught Australian flora and fauna artist ,my work is based around the beautiful bright hues and delicate details we find in nature .

24 items

Golden Jae

Golden Jae, creating handmade 'perfectly imperfect' polymer clay earrings with a neural and earthy vibe. I am brand new to the beautiful world of polymer clay, I cant thank you enough for dropping by to watch me grow.

25 items

Top That Cupcake!

We make edible cupcake & cake toppers out of wafer paper & wafer card. The wafer is made out of potato starch, oil & water and edible food colours. Toppers are nut free, dairy free, gluten free. We also offer customized cupcake & cake toppers.

36 items

Renberry Handmade

Renberry Handmade makes bespoke and custom made bags and accessories. They are light weight, colourful and unique, providing a practical but stylish addition to your wardrobe.

33 items

Lovingly Handmade

From elegantly hand-embroidered baby items to rustic beeswax wraps and delicately blended natural perfume, our handmade items are truly made with love.

35 items

Leversha Design

Leversha Design is created by Jacinta. Each piece of Leversha Design is hand formed to create unique naturally organic forms, which are then painted each by hand. Her ceramics featured in her own unique designs. Making each piece individual.

49 items