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Little pouches of love, made from all organic and vegan components. You can rest assure that there are no harmful chemicals going onto your skin. Love your body.

25 items

The Singing Soaper

Soaps to make you sing! Hand made luxurious soaps made with high quality plant based ingredients and Essential Oils. We also make Syndet Shampoo and Conditioner Bars. Plastic-free packaging.

17 items

Blossoming Soaps

Hand crafted & designed quality soaps including Vegan, Palm free, scrubs and soaps for sensitive skin types. Using natural, organic & sustainable pure essential oils, botanicals, clays & plant oils.

33 items

Botanic Florals

Natural Homemade Soaps- Melts - Cleaning Products. Made with natural ingredients, essential oils, botanicals, plant oils & clays.

7 items

Handmade By Sandy

Handmade By Sandy makes quality softies for the little person in your life! We would love to customise any of our cuties for your special person, names, DOB etc..

23 items

Lovingly Handmade

From elegantly hand-embroidered baby items to rustic beeswax wraps and delicately blended natural perfume, our handmade items are truly made with love.

35 items

Falco Farm

Here at Falco Farm we make goodies from the beeswax collected from our hives on farm by myself and my family

6 items