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Infinity 8eaded Designs

All the jewellery is handmade by myself. You'll find all sorts of wonderful jewellery in my store. All items can be custom made. All the items in the' Kidpython' section is a collection made by my son.

110 items

the little card boutique

Long time makers of Handmade paper goods and laser cut gifts, including an incredible collection of Handmade greeting cards, souvenirs, bookmarks, books, prints and keyrings made from paper, wood and bamboo. Designed and Handmade in Australia.

772 items

Toys of Wood

My passion is to create natural educational wooden toys that inspire a child’s imagination. Entertaining interaction allows a child’s natural creativity to flourish. Crafted from natural, sustainable materials with focus on quality & ergonomics.

50 items

Our Little Caravan...

Our products are handmade by Junior Makers...those aged under 16 years. We are a group of students developing enterprise skills by making hand made items for sale. All profits raised go to support local Not For Profit groups in our community.

1 items

Crafted By Siann

Hi I’m Siann! I’m 12 years old, animal lover, crystal lover, wildlife warrior and jewellery maker.

10 items