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Leversha Design

Leversha Design is created by Jacinta. Each piece of Leversha Design is hand formed to create unique naturally organic forms, which are then painted each by hand. Her ceramics featured in her own unique designs. Making each piece individual.

26 items


Handmade unique items for you and your home....with a touch of flair and romance

12 items

Crafty Weasel

Based in Perth, WA I love all things lasercut in wood and acrylic. My passion is creating unique and different lightboxes to enhance any room in your home, or to give your business a little extra shine on market stall & shop shelves.

4 items

Addicted to Buttons

Making the world a more colourful place - one button at a time! Quirky, Unique, Left of Centre Button Jewellery, Accessories and Homewares!

335 items

Toys of Wood

My passion is to create natural educational wooden toys that inspire a child’s imagination. Entertaining interaction allows a child’s natural creativity to flourish. Crafted from natural, sustainable materials with focus on quality & ergonomics.

49 items


Blown glass objects, marbles, sculptures, lampwork beads and jewellery. Each glass item is unique and has been handmade with joy!

42 items

Coopers FarmS

Less is More. Minimalist collections, handcrafted from sustainable reclaimed and storm-felled timber. Just a practical 'must-have' gift even for yourself.

2 items

Bronwen Deane Designs

Welcome to Bronwen Deane Designs - ‘Add a little Colour to your life’. I am a passionate Aussie who loves creating, designing and painting with colour. For me colour adds a pop of brightness and adds vibrancy to a home.

11 items