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Store Search Results

Leversha Design

Leversha Design is created by Jacinta. Each piece of Leversha Design is hand formed to create unique naturally organic forms, which are then painted each by hand. Her ceramics featured in her own unique designs. Making each piece individual.

29 items

Singing Nightjar's Crafts

Welcome to Singing Nightjar's Crafts, a wonderful store full of needle felted goodness! Each item is diligently handcrafted from 100% Australian wool. I hope you enjoy my shop and find something soft and colourful to bring home.

41 items

Upcycled Book Club

If you love a cup of tea and a good book, this is the place for you! I make a range of products that are all inspired by a love of literature and the desire to tread lightly through our world. This means I use upcycled materials whenever possible.

17 items

Poly Gnomes by Cass

Quaint and whimsical, these little bearded polymer clay fellows stand at around 4-6cm and quietly sit and watch the world pass by from beneath the leaves of a pot plant or out on a shelf for all to see.

23 items


Hi all my work is original, special, and handmade by me in my home studio. I'm a professional artist who has been designing and selling art for over 30 years, hope you find something you love!

6 items

Bespoke Wood Creations

We are an “Australian-Owned Business” and our products are “Australian-made”. We create unique, functionally rich wood products, primarily out of passion. Our products range from exotic furniture thru' jewellery boxes to gifts.

4 items

GT Creations

GT Creations offers unique boards and platters using either recycled or sustainably harvested hardwoods. I have added the extra dimension of laser engraving to make them even more unique. I may from time to time also have small wooden toys.

38 items


Colourful intricate designs of glass beaded hangers to brighten your windows, wall or outdoor setting. Handmade by Angeline and Greeting Cards for charity handmade by my sister Elly.

36 items