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Store Search Results

Natures Eco Stores

A large range of primarily eco friendly products for you and your home that consists of food covers, beeswax wraps, waterproof food pouches and wraps, shower caps, produce bags and much more

29 items

The Honey Tree Attic

A place to find beautiful, quality and unique hand made products. Current items - Face Hygiene Masks. Coming soon: Beeswax Wraps, Eco Shopping Bags

24 items


Claycious is a handmade store for miniature items and customized clay portraits. We also make inedible cake toppers and name plates using clay.

4 items

Refashioned by A Fitting Connection

Passionate about reducing the amount of clothing and fabric that makes it way to landfill by creating useful and beautiful items from discarded clothing and fabric.

6 items