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Store Search Results

Jan's Junk Journals

I turn vintage books, binders and ephemera into gorgeous one of a kind junk journals made with you in mind

4 items
  • Love Everlasting Junk Journal
  • Owl Be Seeing You Altered Book Junk Journal
  • Not So Shabby Junk Journal
  • The Christmas Story Little Golden Book Junk Journal

Kb Handmade Art

Welcome to my store! My art is inspired by the Australian natives I see around me as I live in the inner-west of Sydney. For updates and specials, follow me @kb.handmade.art.

9 items
  • Australian Natives Blank Greeting Card - Grevillea - Bright Pink & Gold
  • Choose any 8 Australian Native Cards - Blank Greeting Cards
  • Australian Natives Blank Greeting Card - Gum Nuts - Eucalyptus Range
  • Australian Natives Set of 4 Blank Greeting Cards - Eucalyptus Range
  • Australian Natives Blank Greeting Card - Gum Blossoms - Eucalyptus Range
  • Australian Natives Blank Greeting Card - Gum Leaves - Eucalyptus Range
  • Australian Natives Blank Greeting Card -  Grevillea - Peach Blush
  • Australian Natives Blank Greeting Card - Seeded Gum - Eucalyptus Range
  • Bookmarks - Australian Eucalyptus Range - Original Artwork

Enviro Crafted

We make hand made cards and gifts that are a pleasure to make and a pleasure to receive.

42 items
  • Purple Birthday Card with Present and Blue Balloon
  • ‘So Lovely’ Fridge Magnet with Large Pink Flower
  • ‘Red Helicopter’ Birthday Card
  • Two Hand Crocheted Coasters in Orange Blend on a Turquoise Presentation Card
  • ‘Little Purple Alien’ Keyring Cutie / Bag or Luggage Identifier
  • ‘Hey Birthday Boy - Let’s Celebrate’ 21st Birthday Card
  • ‘Joy - It’s a Boy’ Card for a New Baby
  • ‘Today is Your Day’ Orange Birthday Card with Fairy
  • Entertainers Ten Piece Hand Crocheted Set in Teal, Blue and White

Trufio Embroidery

Specialising in machine embroidered items for every person and room in your house. Unique and personalised gifts.

95 items
  • Starbuck inspired "Snoopy"
Drink Coaster
  • "Guardian Angel" Framed Embroidered Picture
  • "Butterfly 5 Bookmark"
  • Starbuck inspired "Darth Vader" Drink Coaster
  • "Fire Pup - Paw Patrol" Reading/Pocket Cushion (cover only)
  • "Yellow" Easter Egg Bunny
  • "Raffi  the Giraffe" Reading/Pocket Cushion (cover only)
  • "Music Burst" Reading/Pocket Cushion  (cover only)
  • Girl Panda Lovey.

Sew Hippie Handcrafted Necessities

Welcome to Sew Hippie - an eclectic mix of shoulder bags, tote bags, journal covers, lanyards and more - all handcrafted in beautiful bohos, fabulous florals and gorgeous gothics.

80 items
  • Pet Dogs & Cats Lanyard ID Badge Holder
  • Batik Pink and Grey Key Fob Wrist Strap
  • Chevron Green A5 Journal Notebook Diary Cover, A5 Refillable Diary
  • Kismet Key Fob Wrist Strip
  • Art Deco Beige Lanyard ID Badge Key Holder
  • Girl Power A5 Notebook Journal Diary Cover
  • Girls Floral Journal Diary Notebook Cover
  • Medical Cannabis A5 Notebook Cover
  • Farm Cows Fabric Lanyard ID Badge Key Holder


BeadSparkleZ specialises in gemstone creations, beaded bookmarks and more, all made with love from new and recycled Items.

48 items
  • Malachite Pendulum Necklace, Gemstone Necklace
  • Pink and Purple Autumn Leaf + Gold Branch Necklace.
Maple Leaf.
  • Red Rhinestone Owl Bookmark
  • Silver Crescent Moon and Pentagram Necklace
  • Bronze Tree of Life and Brown Tassel Earrings
  • Large Silver Angel Wing Earrings
  • Upcycled Crystal Rhinestone Necklace,  Wedding Necklace
  • Bronze Bird Bookmark with Red Beads
  • Large Owl Bookmark, Students, Teachers, School, Bird Bookmark, Book Accessory

Trace & Eve Designs

Welcome to Trace & Eve Designs Specialising in the quirky, the pretty & the sassy.

19 items
  • Pug in Crown Embroidered Tea Towel
  • Dragon Embroidered Bookmark
  • Dragon Embroidered Bookmark
  • Personalised Embroidered Bookmark
  • I Drink Embroidered  Keyring
  • Personalised Embroidered Bag Tag
  • Just Breathe Embroidered  Keyring
  • *You're Embroidered  Keyring
  • Chipmunk in Crown Embroidered Tea Towel

Luv Lil B

Handmade Toys, Kids Clothing, etc.

112 items
  • Frozen Finger Puppet Set
  • OOAK Bunny from our Limited Edition Collection
  • Bunny Ear Teething Ring
  • OOAK Tribal Easter Bunny from our Limited Edition Easter Collection
  • Dapper Fox Cuddly 6
  • Marty Moose
  • Bunny Ear Teething Ring
  • OOAK Tribal Easter Bunny from our Limited Edition Easter Collection
  • OOAK Bunny from our Limited Edition  Collection

Handmade by Eljay

One of a kind cross stitch cards and gifts for special people for special occasions!

46 items
  • 'Bedtime Stories' Bookmark
  • Key Holder
  • Card for Mum.
  • "HOME" Coasters
  • SWEEThearts - DAD
  • Golden Yellow Tulip
  • Floral Initials - J
  • Card for Mum
  • Fridge Magnets Set#2


Creating contemporary new uses for vintage games, objects and papers

39 items
  • Canary Circles collage - FRAMED art print 9"x9" white square frame
  • Canary Circles, collage - ART PRINT 9"x9" (also available in other sizes)
  • *With blank labels* Cassette tape stickers, set of 8, write your own labels
  • Vintage typewriter-key cufflinks - black rectangular SHIFT FREEDOM keys
  • Vintage typewriter ribbon tins - for packaging typewriter key cufflink sets
  • Typewriter-key cufflinks - circular ivory SHIFT KEY keys
  • Typewriter-key cufflinks in vintage tin - 'SHIFT FREEDOM' key set
  • Typewriter-key cufflinks in vintage tin - SEMI-COLON punctuation key set
  • Storybook stickers - set 1

This Papercut Life

Exquisite papercuts, woodcuts, jewelry and homewares.......

127 items
  • Ripple bowl (small size)
  • Chain Amoeba Bowl
  • Family Tree Mandala Tote Bag
  • Ripple bowl (medium size)
  • Family Tree Mandala #1
  • Midnight Animals jarrah coasters (set of 4)
  • Amoeba bowl in Cherry wood
  • "Selma's Heart" earings
  • Flock Mobile

Earth, Sand & Sea Design

Bright, colourful and unique handmade accessories and cards. Mixed media designs made in my studio in the Bellarine Peninsula VIC. Free postage on orders over $60. Use coupon code: Freepost

104 items
  • Astronauts - Acrylic Dangle Earrings
  • Silver Plated Tree - Dangle Earrings
  • Acrylic brooch
  • Silver Plated Pendant Necklace
  • Wooden Earrings - Steel Post
  • Sunshine
  • Fairy Floss
  • All That Glitters - Silver Plated Studs - Silver
  • Colour Pop Glass Studs

Anne-Marie Broughton Art

Mermaid Art & Jewellery Designs by Anne-Marie Broughton. Mermaid gift shop & coastal island home décor. Mermaid drawing art prints, paintings, hand painted art jewellery bracelets, mermaid shell pendants & boxes.

31 items
  • 8x10 Mermaiden Nouveau Mermaid Pencil Drawing Art Print
  • Mermaid Cushion Cover Large 50X50cm Little Girl Kissing Seahorse White Linen
  • 8x10 Set of 3 Nautilus Lightning Whelk & Jade Turbo Shell Mermaid Art Prints
  • 8x10 Tranquil Mermaid Full Colour Art Print Pencil Drawing
  • Triton Shell Mermaid Art Print Colour Pencil Drawing 8x10
  • 8x10 Set of 2 Nautilus & Triton Shell Mermaid Art Prints
  • Lightning Whelk Sea Shell Mermaid Art Print 8x10
  • 8x10 Set of 2 Nautilus & Jade Turbo Shell Mermaid Art Prints
  • Set of 3 Nautilus Triton & Jade Turbo Shell Mermaid Art Prints 8x10

Funky Treasures

Welcome! I like to fill my space with stitched items and painted products.Some for display.Some for play.

13 items
  • Pastel Heart Cookies
Felt Food
  • Heart Cookies
Felt Food
  • Felt Food 
Crackers and Toppings
  • Heart Cookies
Felt Food