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Sar Bear Jewellery

Welcome to Sar Bear Jewellery. We offer a large range of fashionable necklaces, chewable necklaces (chewlery), teething and nursing necklaces and accessories for kids and adults. .

15 items

Top That Cupcake!

We make edible cupcake & cake toppers out of wafer paper & wafer card. The wafer is made out of potato starch, oil & water and edible food colours. Toppers are nut free, dairy free, gluten free. We also offer customized cupcake & cake toppers.

18 items

Pavlovas Garden

Beautifully crafted baby items, face masks, crocheted toys and much more. All items have been hand made or crafted by me personally. You can follow Pavlovas Garden on Facebook @PavlovasGarden and on Instagram @PavlovasGarden

42 items

Crochet & Quaver

Beautifully crafted scarves, wraps, headwear and other bespoke crochet for your home and children.

1 items