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Lara Girgis Art

Lara Girgis is an emerging Melbourne based artist working in multiple mediums. This is a place to buy her art.

5 items

Art by Jaz Higgins

Jaz Higgins - pop surrealist artist based in Brisbane, Australia. I paint big eyed girls, fairies and mermaids in mystical, whimsical and sometimes dark settings.

17 items


Hi all my work is original, special, and handmade by me in my home studio. I'm a professional artist who has been designing and selling art for over 30 years, hope you find something you love!

6 items

Chibasan Ceramics

Unique handmade ceramics to beautify your home. Each piece from Chibasan Ceramics is individual and handcrafted by Suemi Chiba. For multiple items please message to adjust the postal rate, thank you for supporting handmade!

20 items

Julia Parisi Art

My name is Julia Parisi and these are all unique creations. From hand-drawn artwork to canvas' and earrings, there's something for everyone - crafted with love!

118 items

Ensorcell Creations

Welcome and be enchanted! Thanks for popping into my shop. Here, I create individual pieces that I hope people can enjoy and appreciate as much as I do. I craft each painting with love and care, so I hope you find something that inspires you!

11 items