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Original Art on canvas ready to hang, postage free within Australia. signed by me. My paintings are all one off genuine original signed by me, proceeds to animal shelter less selling fees, postage etc, approximately

6 items
  • "Geranium Close up"
  • "Granite Rd to the town of Anakie".
  • "Old Derelict House"
  • "Smooth Sailing"
  • "A Walk On The Beach"
  • "Misty Morning"


Colorful art for colorful people.

45 items
  • Headline Series : Meg Ink on Sliced Wood on Glass and Paper
  • Headline Series : Scarlett Ink on Paper Mini Flip Book
  • Headline Series : Daisy Ink on Paper on Tile Necklace
  • Headline Series : Denice Ink on Paper on Tile Necklace
  • Headline Series : Martha Ink on Canvas
  • Headline Series : David Ink on Canvas
  • Headline Series : Julie Ink  on Paper on Tile
  • Headline Series : Miguel Ink on Canvas
  • Headline Series : Cynthia Ink  on Paper on Tile Adjustable Ring

Emma Draws Everyday

My store is selling cards and prints that I illustrate using watercolour, ink and gouache.

50 items
  • 'You talkin' to me?'
  • 'Grizzly bear and friend'
  • 'Juliet'
  • Two wooden spoon portraits.
  • Viking Llama
  • 'Audrey'
  • Three wooden spoon portraits.
  • 'The positive & negative girls'
  • 'Elliott'

Photography Accessories by Crafty Bells

Hello and welcome to our new store. If you are into photography then my store is the place to be. I hand make the photography accessories you see in this store.

5 items
  • Camera Lens Bags various sizes and prices
  • Camera Strap Covers
  • Stabiliser Pillows
  • Folder for your iPad or Tablet
  • Camera and Lens Weather Cover


.All our items are handmade. We personalized to suit to your needs.

37 items
  • Keyrings - Quotes
  • Keyring - Personalized
  • Pet Photo Magnets
  • Medical Alert Pendants
  • Pet Portraits
  • Photo Fridge Magnet
  • Horse Saddle Tags
  • Keyrings - Quotes
  • Medical Alert Keyrings - Personalized

Saorsa Prints

Personalised Prints & Gifts + Original Fine art Photography

4 items
  • Baby Girl custom name digital print
  • Boys Custom made Name Print
  • Girls Custom made Name Print
  • Baby boy custom name digital print


Welcome to birdynumnumDesignCo ..! Everything you see here has been designed and handmade by me using delicious textiles and other natural materials.

19 items
  • GOLDEN Unicorn | Nursery Mobile (custom)
  • Toucan | Nursery Mobile (custom)
  • Sailboat | Nursery Mobile  (custom)
  • Mermaid | Wall Circle (custom)
  • Kookaburra ♥ A3 Print
  • Koala | Nursery Mobile  (custom)
  • Hello Cocki Baby Nursery Mobile  ♥ (custom)
  • Australian Garden Dreamer ♥ Free shipping
  • King Protea ♥ A3 Print

Markus May

Hello Hello Hello. I am an Artist and Frame Maker. I create ethereal and Magical images and beautiful recycled timber frames. Welcome

36 items
  • Male Nude
  • Riley Sleeps
  • Angry Cat
  • Cutey
  • dreaming of wings
  • Applause
  • under the trees
  • Caleste
  • willow

Art by Janet M Graham

Welcome to my Madeit shop. I am an artist based in Brisbane, Australia. I paint realistic wildlife, animal, landscape, seascape and still life paintings.

13 items
  • Blue Gray Gnatcatcher, Original bird painting, bird art, wildlife painting,
  • Cushion Cover Yorkshire Terrier Dog Art Animal Throw Pillow Decorative Cushion
  • Cushion Cover, Nuthatch,  Bird, Wildlife, Colourful Throw Pillow, Decorative
  • Cushion Cover Bird Wildlife Art  Colourful Throw Pillow Decorative Cushion
  • Pale Yellow Robin, Original bird painting, bird art, Australian wildlife bird,
  • Cushion Cover, Robin, Bird, Wildlife, Colourful Throw Pillow, Decorative,
  • Eastern Bluebird, Original bird painting, bird art, wildlife painting, wall art
  • Golden Crowned Kinglet, Original bird painting, bird art, wildlife painting,
  • Superb Fairy Wren, Original bird painting, bird art, Australian wildlife bird

Origami in bottle

Personalised gift ideas: origami paper crane a unique handmade gift in mini glass bottle.

2 items
  • Origami swan
  • Origami in a bottle

Dimple Lane

I lovingly design and then cut beautiful, bespoke Typographical Papercut Artwork. Cut from a single sheet of A4 cardstock I can create something truly wonderful and unique for your special occasion or home.

8 items
  • Personalised Papercut Family Tree
  • Family Branch Papercut - up to 6 names
  • Personalised Wedding Names on a Branch Papercut
  • Personalised Baby Papercut
  • Personalised Wedding or Anniversary Initials Papercut
  • Personalised Wedding, Anniversary Papercut Art
  • Personalised Wedding, Anniversary or Valentines papercut  keepsake.
  • Family of Birds on a Branch Keepsake Papercut Art