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Store Search Results

Happy Chance Finds - Handmade Collection

This handmade collection started as a hobby and has grown into a small business that I just love and am very proud of. All Jewellery is handmade by myself using many different pieces and materials sourced from all over the world.

12 items

Lolly a Dawn Pointon creation

Lolly aprons are not "just an apron", they are individual creative designs, hand made with particular care and attention to detail. Available in a large variety of fabrics and designs for adults and children. Custom orders are always welcome.

44 items

Birds Nest Bowls

Welcome to my shop, Birds Nest Bowls! Every item is handmade, packaged and shipped by me from my home. I am humbled that people think my creations are worthy to be displayed in their homes. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them.

12 items

Wax & Flame

Inspired by the beauty of Australian beeswax, I make pure beeswax candles and abstract encaustic art for your home.

17 items

The Sprinkle Studio

EASTER ITEMS COMING SOON! Creating personalised celebration stationery and paper party decor for all your special events, plus vinyl home organisation labels and many more pretties!

23 items


Welcome to my store. Bags, clutches, purses and pouches that are beautiful, unique and all sewn my me. Enjoy browsing my shop!

46 items