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KB Creations

KB Creations

Simple, natural, the way they used to make it.

Paleo | Carnivore | Omnivore | Nose-To-Tail | Non Vegan


Simple, natural and the way they used to make soap which was and still can be sustainable, skin and earth friendly. Being a saturated fat soap – primarily not from plant sources – the soap hardens nicely and lasts longer when in use. The suds are soft and silky on the skin, gently cleansing without totally depleting the skin's natural protective oils.

Using these soaps myself, my skin isn’t left dry after use and I follow up with my own tallow balm moisturiser – my skin is happy, clear and always feels nice and deeply moisturised. I am confident this will have a long-term positive effect on my body and skin health.

Soap Ingredients: Grass fed Black Angus Beef tallow, coconut oil, lye, filtered water

Additional Ingredients: Activated Coconut Charcoal; Pink Australian Clay; Ground Coffee Beans; Bentonite Clay, Ground Pumice Stone

Heart soaps are 80gm each
Round soaps are 110gm each


Tallow is generally from the kidney leaf fat (suet) from a cow. This fat is then rendered down (slowly melted) and filtered and the final product is a lovely pure healthy fat called tallow. Tallow is such versatile and extremely safe product for human use.

The tallow I source is from a local farm which means the carbon footprint to obtain this product is as minimal as possible.

I trust the farm I purchase from as their livelihood depends on their stewardship of their land and the highest care for their animals which naturally give back to the earth.

This tallow is from purely pasture raised and grass fed Black Angus from the lovely Maleny in Queensland.

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