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I'm Sarah, owner and creator at Tilly&Wilbur®. Welcome!

I have been providing personalised clothing for special occasions, pregnancy announcements, family photo shoots and much more since 2013.

Prior to Tilly&Wilbur® I spent 10 years in the busy busy busy world of live radio as a producer followed by the giant leap into parenthood and that’s when I found myself wanting a change of pace in my career and the desire to work for myself.

Having a creative outlet has been a life changing experience for me and being able to share my designs with other people really is the icing on the cake! I had no idea Tilly&Wilbur® would grow to where it is today and now I feel true joy in knowing I'll have played a small part in sharing someone's happy news when they announce a pregnancy or the glee on a child's face when they unwrap their birthday present and find a brand new tee with their name on it.

My vision for Tilly&Wilbur® is to continue making the world a better place, one tee at a time by making ethical choices for my business. Every small drop in the ocean of change creates a ripple effect and every one of us can make a difference. You can feel good about your Tilly&Wilbur® purchase because:

♡ I source ethically produced and sustainable quality clothing garments
♡ I support fair trade practice which means no sweat shop labour
♡ I use Australian made 100% post consumer recycled packaging and if it’s now recycled it’s made from sustainably managed forests
♡ I print in-house and recycle all of my empty printer cartridges
♡ I shop locally for as much of my resources as possible to reduce my carbon footprint

I hope you find something you love while you're here and let me know by sending a message if there’s something unique you would like me to create just for you.

Thank you for taking the time to explore Tilly&Wilbur®.

Sarah x

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