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About Resinating

RESONATE (verb: res-o-nate)
: to affect or appeal to someone in a personal or emotional way
: to evoke emotion
: strike a chord

My business name RESINATING is a play on the word 'resonate' as I hope that when people look at my pieces they resonate, or strike a chord, within them. With this in mind I began Resinating in 2012 in my home studio, a stone’s throw from the beach in the northern suburbs of Perth. I was inspired to start Resinating to create products for my three gorgeous boys and I originally drew inspiration from the things they were into – army men, superheroes, bugs, dinosaurs and of course Lego! As my passion for resin ignited Resinating grew and blossomed to encompass all things resin. Resinating is now an ever evolving collection of refreshingly modern as well as vintage inspired treasures for you and your home.

I have spent the past four years refining my skills to bring you quality pieces that will truly resonate. All of my treasures are designed, individually crafted, sanded and polished by me in my home studio.

• original • quirky • handmade • unique • fun • That’s you! That’s me! That’s all of my Resinating pieces - lovingly artisan made and hand finished – as unique and individual as you are!

Thanks for visiting! I hope you enjoy browsing through my Resinating rainbow - I’m so thrilled you’re here :)

♥ Marina xx

~ Testimonials ~

“Beyond positive for your handcrafted special items! These are definitely for me. Thank you. Awesome communication & very fast delivery. The parcel itself is an event of itself!!!! Best wishes.” Jo-Rae

“My 11yo son has this necklace and his 4yo cousin fell in love with it! Perfect timing, it was his birthday. Marina posted a personalised gift straight to him, a prompt and super friendly service. Thank you so much.” Shylie

“Wow – what a great product. Really well made and absolutely lovely. Plus posted so quickly. Thank you!!” Pawfect

“It is exactly what I wanted. Such a beautiful finish on it too. Shipping was super quick! Would definitely shop here again for more baby names!” peterjlornab

“Returning very happy customer. Beautiful individual earrings. Your items are unique, I love that :-) Happy Day!” Jo

“Absolutely LOVE this! It is brightening up our bathroom vanity beautifully. Well made, great communication, prompt shipping and beautiful packaging. Thank you!” BlackeyedSusietoo

Proudly made by hand in Perth, Western Australia

~ Copyright ~
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