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About Indulge Jewellery

Making unique, handmade and personally designed jewellery gives me the pleasure of being creative, the opportunity to learn new techniques and skills, all while indulging in my passion for fashion!
I love collecting gorgeous beads, chains, feathers and other materials that inspire me to produce new and different designs. Sourcing cord from Turkey, glass beads from Indonesia and leather through a local Adelaide artist and then pulling these elements together, in new season colours, is all part of my process to produce original, never repeated, items that have been made with care and attention. The entire process is enjoyable, from shopping for the raw materials, to the surprise of a newly finished piece, as it evolves from an idea, to a design, through manufacture, into a necklace, pendant, earring or ring.
Recycled materials are another specialty of mine, as I breath new life into previously loved and cherished pieces. Focusing on textures, colours and trends, it is always rewarding to keep materials alive and relevant, rather than adding to our landfill woes. Look for the items clearly marked with ‘recycled’ for an environmentally friendly purchase.
With over ten years’ experience, I still love making beautiful jewellery that can be enjoyed as a little luxury, so go on, indulge yourself with Indulge Jewellery. Find me also on instagram..com/indulge_jewellery and facebook.com/indulgejewellery