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About Imaginative Art

Hi, my name is Joanne and thank you for dropping by my page. Please have a look around and share it with your friends, maybe you find something that you like to give as a unique gift or just keep it for yourself ^_^

My original page name use to be "Gel Art" as I started with making Gel Candles and Gel Ornaments back in October 2011. Then later in that year I became fascinated with wire Gem Trees and self taught myself how to make them. They looked amazing and I incorporated these trees with my Gel Art creations.

It was sometime early that year of 2012, I came across a new friend who inspired me to make 'Tree of Life' pendants like she did. They were similar to the Gem Trees I made and making pendants would be a smaller version. I didn't want to be like everyone else so I needed to think of my own way to "Stand Out"... Hence, after researching all over online how others made their pendants, I designed a way of twisting my own style hoop frame and also being different as no one else did it at the time, I believe I was the first to incorporate different charms in my pendants (other than the usual moon) to tell a story and give them a unique character.

So in 2015, I've changed my name to Imaginative Art as this better reflects on what I create from 'Tree of Life' Pendants, Gem trees and Wall/Window Hangings. I use Nature and the World around me as my inspiration in creating something. My Art is all hand designed and made with passion. Every piece I create, there is always a story/meaning behind it and of course unique in some way as I hand twist everything to shape.

I've had a lot of people come to me for custom pieces, sharing their ideas and imagination for me to come up and create something unique, bringing it to life for them.

I try to keep my prices reasonable as I know how hard it is out there financially but you will always receive a unique quality piece.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions ^_^

Feel free to follow me on: Facebook (www.facebook.com/GelArt.2011), Instagram (Imaginative_Art_by_Jo), Vero (Imaginative Art), Pinterest (www.pinterest.com.au/imaginativeart) and Twitter (Imaginative_Art)