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About On A Whim Designs

Hi, and welcome to On A Whim Designs!  Through On A Whim Designs I produce handmade glass tile costume jewellery, featuring papers, images and found items from many different sources. I source my components (settings, glass, papers, chains, charms, beads etc) from around the world, and love the creativity of putting together pieces in beautiful ways, and with many different elements.  I have been making my jewellery pieces for a few years now, and am still enjoying the learning process! I am self taught and I enjoy the challenge of working out how to achieve new ideas. Over time my business has expanded into new media, and I now also produce handmade polymer clay jewellery. My polymer pieces all use clay beads that have been hand mixed, rolled and baked by me, meaning no two items are ever exactly the same!

My name - On A Whim Designs - comes from the birth of my business, which was very much 'on a whim'! I began by making some jewellery for a barbershop quartet I was singing in at the time ... I now have over 1000 items available at any one time! I still love to combine my love of jewellery making with my other loves of music, reading, art and design. I like to think that my jewellery reflects many different styles - vintage, retro, modern, 'pretty', quirky and fun.

As well as the items shown on madeit I enjoy making custom orders – if you have a special image or theme you would like incorporated into a pendant, ring or bracelet, please contact me and I’ll see what I can do!  I can also make matching items for events such as weddings, or for other groups who require matching jewellery accessories.

This site is updated regularly, so if you don’t find what you’re looking for this time, please come back and check what’s new soon! Please be aware that I do also sell my items through markets and my own website, so may occasionally close my store when I am attending markets. A store announcement will provide information in such a case.

You can also have access to promotions and updates on new items by following On A Whim Designs on Facebook . https://www.facebook.com/onawhimdesigns

Thanks for visiting

- Jacquie South

**A note about my production process** - In the production of my items, I purchase pre-made metal settings, chains, charms, beads, clear glass and finishings such as earring posts, jump rings etc. I then use special jewellery grade resin to adhere paper to the clear glass cabochons, which is quite time consuming and fiddly. The cabochons are then put into settings and made into necklaces, earrings, bracelets etc, with or without extra embellishments. Due to the fact that I do the glazing of my glass pieces myself, some of my items may be a little more expensive than those of sellers who purchase their cabochons ready made from overseas. However, it does mean that I am able to customise my designs to create items that will fulfil most requests, including using photographs or your own designs (eg. initials/names/words/hobbies etc) **