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About it's My Room!

Welcome to my store where everything I make, is made with love!

After my first child was born (over 10 years ago), I found it hard to locate a Name set that I could proudly display on his bedroom door for years to come. After some research and testing, I decided to make his name myself, thus it’s MY Room! began.

As the years followed, so did my experimenting with paints, varnishes, painting methods and timbers. I have seen the quality of my own work improve year after year and am proud to produce a piece of art that will be displayed lovingly in somebody’s home.

I love the interaction with customers who range from those who know exactly what they are after, to those who describe themselves as ‘not a craft bone in their body’. As each child is an individual, so too should be their name so I have no issue corresponding back and forth until a design is reached.

You can follow me on my facebook page www.facebook.com/itsmyroom or instagram @itsmyroomdecor for completed works and work in progress.

Thank you for supporting a little handmade business by taking the time to read this and if you wish to contact me, please do so via mishc@tpg.com.au