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About mud by nest

welcome to 'mud by nest'
here you will find my gorgeous collection of handmade clay gift tags inspired by my love of colour, texture, the coast & a little sparkle!
with my background in interior styling I have designed a collection of clay tags to help you sort your nest {pantry, linen cupboard, office etc} as well as other adorable gift tags that can be used:
*tie to a gift, bunch of flowers, jar of homemade treats or homebaked loaves
*write a message upon & give instead of a card
*decorate a vintage or wine bottle, jar, tin, vase, candle or adorn a table setting
*keep your nest sorted - write upon & tie as labels to baskets, drawers, bedlinen, boxes or pantry items
* tie with gorgeous ribbon & hang & decorate anywhere!
why mud?
'mmm, what to call these gorgeous little creations?' I thought to myself whilst playing around with my very first designs, clay creatively adorning my kitchen table. 'perhaps something to compliment my nest interior styling business name?' i thought..
then in bounded my astonished {but very wise & muddy} 4 year old who questioned me 'Ahh, Mummy what are you doing with all this mud inside??!!'
.. perfect! mud has since stuck, literally...tho I do think my mud is far more fun & beautiful than his!
thank you for popping by my store..

love & share a little bit of mud!
find me on facebook at Mud By Nest
instagram gallery - mudbynest
after all, why shouldn't you feather your own nest?
Please pop by now & then as I am often adding new designs to my collections. Also to let you know most of my designs can be custom made in different colours to suit your gift wrapping or decor theme, so please message me thru my store with your request.
each mud tag is individually handmade using white clay. each one has its own natural white rustic charm & texture i adore and no two are the same. my tags are left unglazed so you can write your messges upon & some have even been given there own gorgeous individual personality.
please respect my individual style & do not copy my designs, thank you.