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About Li'l Birdie Shop

Welcome to Lil Birdie

Hi my name is Jacquie, I create my Lil Birdie range from my home town of Cairns in far North Queensland, Australia. My little girl and I live in a tropical climate which is warm all year round - lucky us!! - and this is reflected in my bright and sunny designs.

I like to design appliques with ATTITUDE! Something that will make your little one stand out from the crowd. Fun and funky critters, bold birthday and personalized designs. Much of my work is customized to my clients requirements and I really enjoy this aspect of adapting my designs for special occasions.

I hand draw and cut using the latest release modern designer fabrics. My process is to then bond and sew the appliques to the requested style of onesie or tank/singlet top and then embellish with all manner of ribbon, buttons and rosettes. I am addicted to my ironing board and do the bulk of my work standing in front of it - good for my posture!

Lil Birdie began in 2010 as a sideline to create some extra cash while staying at home with my little girl. As a solo Mum it has been hard work but the rewards of watching both my little girl and Lil Birdie grow and succeed have been amazing and I am incredibly grateful each day to have this amazing opportunity to be present and home for Violet and to be able to create and grow my own small business.

I hope you enjoy browsing my store.

You can find Lil Birdie on facebook at www.facebook.com/LilBirdieShop , on instagram at lilbirdielife or for Cairns locals at the monthly Tanks art and craft markets in Edge Hill on the last Sunday of each month from April - November.