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Store Policies

Payment: At this time I accept Paypal, direct debit and money order payments...This may change in the near future TBA.
Shipping: Is $8 per item,standard delivery or more for express or international. additional items or larger heavier items may incur $1 extra on top of normal shipping costs. Each item will vary and will listed on the details for that particular item. I will aim to get item/s posted out to you asap after the payment has been confirmed.
Refunds + Exchanges: If you are not satisfied with the product for some reason please contact me on email address listed and we will arrange further details. Each item is handcrafted there for a lot of hand stitching is included. not all accessories/attachments will stay secure if handled in wrong way...so do take care with items.    Refunds/Exchanges will be approved on a individual customer basis and how the item has been handled.