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About Mornington Sea Glass

Clues to our past are buried in amongst the sands and hidden in the rock pools along the Mornington Peninsula’s coastline. Small pieces of our history survive sometimes well over 100 years in the Bays of Port Phillip and Western Port and the open waters of the Bass Strait. Who knows exactly how these little fragments of glass or china have made their way onto our shores, but whatever the reason, nature has breathed new life into these discarded bottles, glassware and pottery from previous eras and resurrected them as beach treasures.

As a family we are very passionate about the Mornington Peninsula and to find sea glass. Our whole family is involved in finding the glass, creating designs and photographing it along our coastline. Our handmade sea glass creations include glass that has washed up along the scenic beaches of the Mornington Peninsula, from around Australia and distant shores abroad. We only use genuine sea glass that was collected on a beach and shaped naturally in the sea. Our designs have been inspired by everything we love about life on the coast, including its amazing marine life. We are avid supporters of the Dolphin Research Institute and their work to protect Victoria’s living marine treasures and contribute to their adopt-a-dolphin program.

We hope you enjoy your sea glass design. Each sea glass shard is a keepsake from yesteryear, lovingly shaped by nature and set in design by us.