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Store Policies


Before you buy please make sure you have a paypal account setup and ready to work. If you don't have a paypal account you can deposit directly into my bank account. You can email me and I can send you the details. That way you won't be disappointed.

Please be 100% sure you want to make a purchase before you click the "buy" button as this directly sends me a message saying you are buying and my item has sold to you. You have 48 hours to make payments. If payments are not made within this time you will be considered a hoax buyer and may be subjected to negative feedback. If you don't make the payment within 48 hours it means I have to relist the item and have to send a claim to madeit to refund the commission.  This adds to the cost which I have to pass back on to the customer. Furthermore it is a waste of my time and the team at madeits' time. So please be 100% sure you are ready to go and ready to buy.

If you have accidentally hit the buy button, please snd a courtesy email to me mentioning this as soon as possible.

You are welcome to send me an email and make contact with me if you have any questions before buying. I always answer questions from customers. I aim to provide excellent customer service and after service care so please be assured you will only get the best from me.

If you are unhappy with your purchase you are welcome to ship it back to me for a full refund. Refunds will not be made for change of mind, lost items due to post, or stolen post.

All items are sent by normal post. You can upgrade to express postage which cost $9.50. Free postage for additional items when weight totals at less then 500gms. Prices vary due to weight including overseas postage. Please message me your postcode so I can work out postage if more than 500gms. When postage totals more than 3kg I will send by prepaid postage which works out cheaper at $12.50 - for QLD & NSW. Please message me your postcode for accurate quotes.

Happy shopping. Jennifer