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Owl and Fox is the more "grown up" offshoot of my first label "Owly and the Fox", which you can find at several Melbourne stores and at markets around Victoria every weekend. Born of a love of all things earthy, modern, vintage, sparkly and handmade - both labels imbue my own eclectic mix of styles into different outlets with one goal, doing what I love to do and having fun doing it!

I've had a love of rocks and all things creative for as long as I can remember, but only began seriously making jewellery from mid 2008, designing custom pieces for friends and family members weddings. So when an injury forced me out of full-time work, I devoted all of my attention and determination to the craft, and turned my part-time hobby into a profession.
Ever since, I have been making jewellery by special order or by inspiration, from a select range of fine and natural materials, and building my "Owl and Fox" brand locally and online. I continue to love what I do and learn and develop new skills along the way, refining my art and expanding my vision.

My inspiration comes from all of the beautiful places I've travelled to, (or dream of travelling!), and the amazing variety of natural wonders I've come across. Every breathtaking sight that nature presents brings new inspiration, and the colours and shapes of the wonders that I see allow new and beautiful pieces to form in my imagination.

I love being able to create and share my work in such a supportive community as Etsy. Thanks to my fellow artists I learn something new every day, and grow ever more passionate about doing what I love.

Feel free to contact me if you have an idea for a special order, I am more than happy to work with you to create something that’s just right. :)


For more about me check out:

My blog: www.owlfox.blogspot.com/

My twitter: www.twitter.com/owl_and_fox

My Etsy: www.owlandfox.etsy.com