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About Joyfoolery

Hi there and welcome!

Joyfoolery started out when I was gifted a sewing machine many years ago and I used thrifted materials or upcycled clothing to practice on. As my sewing improved, an obsession grew and I found myself creating everyday. With this, a love of the materials and fabrics that were available grew and we arrive at today, where I source stunning fabrics from talented designers and truly love the beauty of the fabric and what I can create from it.

Are you curious about the name Joyfoolery? It came from one of my given names (Joy) which also belongs to one of my most inspiring mentors, my Great Aunty Joy and the word Tomfoolery which pretty much sums up our household with three boys and one girl!

The beautiful hats and handbags in store stem from my own love of these items, a gal can never have too many gorgeous handbags (especially one of a kind ones!) or hats, in my opinion!

If you fall in love with something I've made, go ahead and buy it in the confidence that it was made with love, care and most of all JOY!

Feel free to contact me with any questions,




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