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About m'agapi

cheeky bold flirty.. made in Melbourne.

m'agapi is Greek for "with love" and that is exactly how our products are made in our little home studio. 
Being a parent of two little cheeky monkeys, no doubt life can get a bit crazy sometimes... oh who are we kidding - crazy every day! But it is their smiles that brightens and inspires the best in us all :)
And so our passion for design inspire us to spend countless hours creating and exploring new exciting concepts that not only are practical but modern and stylish as well.
We currently produce womenswear that is fun, bold and something a little daring for the modern lady. We fuse vintage and chic together to create an effortless sophistication. Contoured lines and sleek silhouettes are created to form character and intelligence to the pieces.
Now we are very excited to bring our baby’s range into the market!
Baby’s Range:
All the pieces are homemade, mindful of being just a little bit more practical with a sense of chic – something fabulous on our shoulder, handbags and prams. The concept is to design products for parents who desire a more contemporary, smart and unique nursery.
We source for materials that are bold and as much natural and eco-friendly as possible. We concentrate on fabrics that are 100% cotton, bamboo batting, bamboo fleece, wool felt and corn filling.
So what are you waiting for? Have a look at our range and be sure to visit regularly as we’re always updating exciting new ideas and products.
We also welcome custom sizing (from the baby’s range) to your preference just allow us 7-10 working days and you will have something that is uniquely yours for your little ones!
Thank you for visiting and we appreciate your support!
A little about the fabric we use:
Cotton and wool are obvious choices to use for our baby range (being natural fibers), but here is a little information on our other choices:
100% bamboo batting is luxuriously soft and supple to the touch and it holds 3 times more moisture than cotton, dries 3 times faster and will not allow mould or mildew to grow. Bamboo is naturally one of the most environmentally friendly battings as it requires no fertilization, irrigation, pesticides or intervention from man during the growing stages. Made in Australia.
Innergreen Corn Fiber (filling) is derived from 100% non- genetically modified corn. It is 100% biodegradable & compostable, naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and contains a very low flammability rating. The fibre also upholds excellent wicking and moisture management properties, keeping you cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. In manufacturing Innergreen's corn fiber when compared with petroleum-based plastics, more than one tone of CO2 emission is saved per tone of fiber. This equates to less than 60% fossil fuel usage when compared to traditional synthetic polyester fibers. Made in Australia.