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about elliefunk      

I am a full time mother to four beautiful children, eight year old twin girls, a six year old girl and four year old boy.

elliefunk was born out of a long love of all things crafty, trying to find hair accessories that would co-ordinate with my girls outfits and a strong desire to work at something I love that will also fit around my other commitments.

All items are made with care and I take great pride in the quality of my work-woman-ship!  My four children (yes.. even the boy!) have tried and tested most of my prototypes. I spend a lot of time sourcing quality materials, such as the 100% wool felt - it is so lovely to stitch and cut and the colours are wonderful, gorgeous printed cotton fabrics that fill you me with inspiration and 100% acetate grosgrain ribbons that are so joyous to work with.

I welcome any feedback you might have (info@elliefunk.com.au or click 'email seller' above categories on the 'Store Items' tab of my elliefunk store) and please visit again soon - I have so much more to create!



elliefunk ...simply beautifully handmade.


Visit my website:  http://www.elliefunk.com.au

Email me: info@elliefunk.com.au

Read my Blog: http://elliefunkhandmade.blogspot.com