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About Art From Wonderland

Hello there!
Welcome to Art from Wonderland.
I am an award winning artist from South Australia, who loves creating prophetic art.
I love God, colour, animals, travelling, self-sustainability, comedy, books, board games, picnics, camping, and nature. Nature is my happy place :-)
My arty self-expression includes prophetic art, prophetic jewellery, sewing, craft, sculpting, writing, photography, wood and everything hand painted…! I like to get my hands dirty ;-)

I love creating a meaningful prophetic art. When I paint in my studio, I listen to the worship music and also release blessing over the canvas. If you wanted to see me paint and the process of painting coming alive, click on the link to a short video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/3vUlYlcVPrA

For my hair pieces, I source materials from various peculiar places around the world. I put them together piece by piece, carefully creating every hair clip and band. I use good quality flowers, materials, glues, clips and bands. No one piece is the same, as for me fun begins when I let my creative juices run wild :-)
I just LOVE the idea of a woman wearing flowers in her hair, and that is where I find the passion for creating my colourful hair pieces.

I have exhibited my paintings in various galleries and exhibitions. I also donate my artwork to support humanitarian work and animal causes. I believe in treating our planet with respect and care, and therefore I often use eco-friendly and recycled materials in my creations, as well as while organising packaging and your parcels.
For more pretty pictures and funny stories find us on www.facebook.com/artfromwonderland
Thank you for visiting my madeit shop - love this website! :-)
Nina Pretty Ballerina